Рубрика: Simpsons sex comics

Everybody knows funny family Simpsons with slightly stupid Homer, always naughty Bart, an excellent pupil Liza, always kind mommy Marge. Everybody likes to watch their jokes. But this is another part of their life, including some mud sexual relations.
Bart can possess now Liza, his own sister. Actually sometimes she doesn’t mind. Or he can bend his mother and have a pleasure with her pussy. Homer is also not so simple, as used to be! Now he is a prurient guy, cheating his wife. And many more… Enjoy them!

simpsons sex comix

The Simpsons. Part 1.

The story about our favorite cartoon movie Simpsons lead us long further in simpsons sex comix. Bart is already 18 years old, his sisters grew up as well and became sexy girls. Changes happened in that family. Marge and Homer divorced. Now they are living separate. Bart also lives alone, apart from Lisa and Maggy. But once Lisa came to his brother and she was very upset, because of destroying...

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